Property Advisory
Real estate investors, financers, promoters, users and other players can have their positions significantly enhanced for success in real estate ventures by leveraging our advisory services.
Property Advisory

Real estate is a complex venture requiring specialist knowledge, multi-disciplinary skills and demonstrated experience. Underestimating this complexity has, time and time again, resulted in financial losses, unrealized dreams and in some cases total ruin among other unpleasant consequences.

Individuals and corporate real estate users, lenders, investors and other interested participants can have their positions significantly enhanced for success in real estate venture by securing sound advisory services.

Our Advisory Group can help achieve success and great value when we partner with you on your real estate initiatives. We have the pedigree to do this, as our personnel comprise people with deep knowledge and skills, and extensive experience in various areas of real estate development. We can help in the following areas:
  • Development Conception – To ensure success, the delivery of real estate projects must start with sound and rigorous thought process that considers proposal from ideas, through execution to management and eventual disposal before implementation is ever contemplated. This we do before proceeding to site sourcing (if not yet acquired), designs, approvals and construction.

  • Design and Build– We assist clients with existing sites (we source for those without site) by conceiving the most suitable development schemes for the location and site; undertake designs; and carry put construction to completion. In all this, our focus is to achieve total resource optimization and client satisfaction.

  • Development/ Investment Appraisal – For clients with existing proposals, we understudy their proposals and assess them relative to their development/ investment objectives. During the exercise, we answer the questions of feasibility, viability, risk, finance structure and implementation issues among others.

  • Development Monitoring – Between conception and delivery of a development project lies pitfalls. We assist sponsors of development schemes by monitoring, reporting and advising on key areas of on-going development, which include market conditions, risk, operating models and construction among others.

  • Property Rehabilitation - With our knowledge of lifecycles of developments, we provide innovative solutions that can rejuvenate obsolete properties and place them on the path of efficiency and value. We also consider the property's highest and best use possible. These actions were aimed at optimizing the value of the development through diligent rehabilitation; and thus avoid demolition and redevelopment.

  • Advisory Support to Lenders & Investors - Bearing in mind the complexity of property development and investment, we are aware that lenders and investors had suffered huge financial losses by getting involved in various real estate schemes. As experienced development advisors, we undertake comprehensive analysis of such proposals submitted to lenders to fund and investors to partake in. By our assistance, such lenders and investors; whether banks, other financial institutions, institutional investors or individual can have their chance of success greatly enhanced.

  • Building Frameworks for Real Estate Ventures, Institutional Policies & Processes – We assist corporations- private and public- that are desirous of building or strengthening frameworks, strategies, policies and processes for current and/ or intended real estate activities. Our services here extend to corporations intending to build real estate desk or ventures, government agencies desirous of policies to effectively and efficiently address housing, urban and other built environment issues among others.